Kevin Mongeon
Kevin Mongeon
Associate Professor

2010 PhD, Economics, Washington State University
2001 MBA, University of Windsor
1998 BA, Mathematics, Lakehead University

MNT 330


Dr. Mongeon is an associate professor of sport management at the University of Ottawa. His research examines a variety of topics involved in sports economics and sports analytics.

Professor Mongeon creates big data sets and develops statistical models relevant to various fields. Some of his recent research examines referee and salary discrimination, the production of winning and league behaviour in the NHL. He has also contributed expert reports on player contributions and team valuations in a class action lawsuit involving minimum wage disputes in the CHL. His teaching interests include sports economics and finance, statistics, Bayesian econometrics, industrial organization and data science.

Dr. Mongeon is currently accepting graduate students for master’s and PhD programs in the areas of sports analytics, sports economics and sports finance.

Research interests

  • Sports analytics, sports economics, sports finance
  • Applied economics, Bayesian econometrics, industrial organization
  • Big data, machine learning, data science, data visualization
  • Economics of reconciliation, education economics, discrimination

Research focus 1. Sports analytics: Applying big data and predictive modelling techniques to analyze team and individual player performance across various sports disciplines. This includes developing new metrics to measure player contributions and analyze in-game team performance.

Research focus 2. Sports economics: Understanding league and team behaviour in professional sports and amateur sports. This includes analyzing salary and referee discrimination, the production of winning and the impact of league policies on team and league performance.

Research focus 3. Human activity recognition: Enhancing the utility and accuracy of health monitoring systems and wearable technologies. Developing techniques for handling missing data and incorporating multimodal data sources into existing predictive models.

Research focus 4: Economics of reconciliation: Understanding education and income disparities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians related to reconciliation. Determining the impact of current and future policy decisions aimed at mitigating these disparities.


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