Michael Robidoux
Michael Robidoux
Full Professor
Director, School of Human Kinetics

1998, Ph.D., Folklore Memorial University
1994, M.A., English, University of Manitoba
1992, B.A., English, Laurentian University

MNT 222
613-562-5800 ext. 4227


Michael Robidoux is a full professor and director of the School of Human Kinetics, Faculty of Health Sciences. With expertise in ethnology, Robidoux has led multidisciplinary research programs studying land-based food practices in rural remote Indigenous communities in northern Canada for over 20 years.

Professor Robidoux and his Indigenous Health Research Group have maintained longstanding partnerships with tribal organizations and Indigenous communities advocating to build local food systems in northern Canada to address high rates of food insecurity and disproportionately high levels of diet-related disease. Robidoux  is particularly interested in studying the impact of local food procurement on local dietary practices and developing economic strategies to help build local food capacity in remote northern communities.

Professor Robidoux is accepting new students for thesis supervision.

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Research interests

  • Indigenous Food Sovereignty
  • Northern Food Systems
  • Traditional Food Practices
  • Injury in Sport

Ongoing research

As part of the Indigenous Health Research Group, Robidoux is working with Indigenous communities in northern Ontario and the Northwest Territories to develop economic strategies to support and sustain local food procurement initiatives. Funding for this research comes from a SSHRC Insight Grant. Indigenous Health Research Group

In partnership with CCM Hockey, with funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, Robidoux is working with Dr. Blaine Hoshizaki documenting injuries in youth hockey. Their study employs an observational research design documenting injury events in situ to identify situational factors that help explain why and how injuries occur in youth hockey. The data from the project will be critical in developing injury prevention strategies and designing equipment to better protect youth participating in hockey.


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