Janet Squires
Janet Squires
Full Professor

2012 Post-doctorate Knowledge Translation Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
2010 Doctorate Doctor of Philosophy (Nursing) University of Alberta
2006 Master of Nursing Master of Nursing Memorial University of Newfoundland
1997 Bachelor’s Bachelor of Nursing Memorial University of Newfoundland

LEE 418K
613-562-5800 ext. 2609


Dr. Squires’ research is primarily focused on improving knowledge translation by healthcare professionals. Her current research centers on the design, implementation, and evaluation of theory-informed and context-optimized interventions to increase healthcare professionals’ use of research and research-based behaviours as a strategy to contribute to improved patient and system outcomes. Her research program has four main foci: (1) exploring organizational context and its role in knowledge translation, (2) designing and testing theory-informed interventions to change healthcare professionals’ behaviours, (3) measurement and survey design/psychometrics, and (4) systematic reviews. She is currently involved in several nationally funded projects examining the role of context in knowledge translation and developing and testing interventions to change behaviour of healthcare professionals (e.g., increasing organ donation in adult hospitals, improving hand hygiene practice in adult hospitals, improving pain practices in pediatric hospitals, and improving resident outcomes in nursing homes).

Research interests

  • Knowledge Translation/Research Utilization
  • Organizational Context (the Work Environment)
  • Intervention Design and Evaluation
  • Measurement (Survey Development and Psychometric Evaluation)
  • Quantitative and Mixed Methods Research
  • Systematic Reviews


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