Jean-Laurent Domingue
Jean-Laurent Domingue
Assistant Professor

2021 - (anticipated completion) PhD Nursing, University of Ottawa
2017 - MSc Nursing, University of Ottawa
2014 - BSc Nursing, University of Ottawa

LEE 415C
613-562-5800 ext. 8421


Jean-Laurent Domingue is a registered nurse with a clinical specialty in forensic psychiatry and mental health nursing. His research focusses on the political dimensions of nursing care, with emphasis on the governance of marginalized individuals for purposes of public health and public safety. Jean-Laurent grounds his work in critical theory and leverages qualitative methodology to better understand how, through their clinical practices, nurses interact with hegemonic structures that maintain and sustain systemic inequalities and injustices. His PhD project employed critical ethnography to explore how the forensic psychiatric system produces persons unfit to stand trial (UST) or not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder (NCRMD), treating them as dangerous individuals. He was also interested in understanding how nurses contribute to the construction of such identities. Jean-Laurent’s current projects, conducted in partnership with colleagues, graduate students, clinical collaborators, and persons with lived experience, involve investigating the associative stigma experienced by mental health nurseswhen accessing physical health services for their patients and exploring the role of family in the community reintegration of persons designated as UST or NCRMD.

Research interests

  • Nursing at the intersection of law and health (mental health tribunals, HIV criminalization, etc.)
  • Risk management and population control (forensic psychiatry, public health, nursing management, etc.)
  • Mental health and psychiatric nursing
  • Critical theory and post-structural perspectives
  • Critical discourse analysis
  • Power and identity construction
  • Ethical and socio-political implications of nursing care


Peer-reviewed articles

  • Domingue, J-L., Jacob, J-D., Perron, A., Parizeau-Legault, P. & Foth, T. (2020). (Re)construction identitaire et pratique infirmière : Réflexion critique sur les commissions d’examen. Recherche en soins infirmiers, 143, 118-126.
  • Domingue, J-L., Michel, S. F., Cléroux, C., Dobson, T., Fréchette, J-M., Fusco, L., Konecki, R., Power, D., Richardson-Brown, S., Robbins, R., Stufko, T., Telford, S., & Wesley, W. (2020). Designing a Forensic Mental Health Service Delivery Model: A Multi-Professional Approach from Ottawa, Ontario.  The Journal of Forensic Practice, 22(3), 137-147.
  • Phillips, J. C., Domingue, J-L., Petty, M., Coker, M. A., Howard, T., Margolese, S. (2016). HIV Care Nurses' Knowledge of HIV Criminalization: A Feasibility Study. Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care, 27(6), 755-767.

Editorials and other non-refereed publications