Nicole Paquet
Nicole Paquet
Full Professor

1997 Postdoctoral Training, Vestibular Physiology, McGill University
1995 Ph. D. Rehabilitation Sciences McGill University
1989 M.Sc. Neurobiology Laval University
1986 B.Sc. Health Sciences Laval University

LEE 416H
613-562-5800 ext. 8039


Nicole Paquet is a full professor in the School of Rehabilitation Sciences. She received a bachelor’s in physiotherapy and a master’s in neurobiology from Université Laval. After receiving a PhD in rehabilitation sciences from McGill University, she completed a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in vestibular physiology at McGill, studying the ability to perceive linear displacements while walking without vision. She began her career working in academia at McGill in 1997, before joining the School of Rehabilitation Sciences and the physiotherapy program at uOttawa in 2003. Her career path has allowed her to develop her expertise in teaching vestibular rehabilitation to physiotherapy students and professionals.

Professor Paquet conducts her research at the University of Ottawa in the Lees campus psychomotricity lab, focusing mainly on spatial orientation and navigation in humans. She is also a collaborator on projects studying postural control and balance, as well as rehabilitation procedures.

Research interests

  • Spatial orientation and navigation
  • Postural control and balance


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