Daniella Ingabire participates in a video project on anti-racism and discrimination.

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Daniella Ingabire
Daniella Ingabire, Equity and Student Success Advisor at the Civil Law Section has made it her mission to
break down the prejudices associated with racism.

She participated in the creation of video vignettes with the team of Rendre l'invisible visible, in order to sensitize and educate community organizations and the general public on prejudice, systemic racism, discrimination, and raise awareness about two phenomena often experienced in parallel: white privilege and white fragility. This series is produced as part of the anti-racism strategy of the three Francophone immigration networks in Ontario, in collaboration with Boxia and the Orléans Psychological Health Team (ESPO). Daniella Ingabire's contribution to the educational vignettes was inspired by her Master of Social Work thesis on anti-racism in the university setting, which was funded by an Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS).

Here is the clip in which our Equity Advisor participated (you will also see Sonia Ben Soltane, Assistant Professor at the School of Social Work at the University of Ottawa): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F17EjBWs4io

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The Equity and Student Success Advisor, Daniella Ingabire, is your resource person if you are facing challenges in your personal, academic and/or professional life. She will help you determine strategies that fit your situation and refer you to services on campus and in the community, if the need arises. You can make an appointment  with Daniella or contact her by email.