Learn how to apply!
  1. Summer employment (which includes mandatory enrolment in Clinic 6 credit course [September to April])
  2. Clinic Course (6 credit course [September to April])
  3. Joint Placement Course ((6 credit course [September to April])

Students may apply to more than one option.

  • Students entering their second or third year of common law, including the Programme de droit canadien
  • National Program students (i.e. students with a civil law degree who are enrolled in the common law program) 

To apply, please submit:

  • The employment Application form;
  • Your curriculum vitae;
  • A cover letter; and
  • Your unofficial up to date law school grade report (including your final and interim grades).

All correspondence should be addressed to the Hiring Committee and submitted via fax or email:

University of Ottawa Community Legal Clinic
538-540 King Edward Avenue
Ottawa, ON K1N 6N5

Via fax at: 613-562-5602

Via e-mail:[email protected]

THE DEADLINE TO APPLY: January 19, 2023 by 5pm

 Applicants should note that:

  • Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • We will only contact those students who receive an interview.
  • Due to the high number of applications we receive, the Clinic will not be providing any feedback about applications or interviews.

As an equal opportunity employer, the Clinic will consider requests for accommodation.


Students applying for this course must select an alternate course. Once all applicants are selected, the professor will inform the candidates as well as the Academic Affairs Office in order for the student to register in the course and drop the alternate course. For further information contact the Clinic at 613-562-5600.