Anthony VanDuzer

Anthony VanDuzer
Anthony VanDuzer
Emeritus Professor

B.A. (Queen's)
LL.M. (Col.)

57 Louis Pasteur St. Room 355
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Tony VanDuzer joined the Common Law Section in 1989. From 2018 to 2022, he held the Hyman Soloway Chair in Business and Trade Law.  Previously, he was the Vice Dean (Research) of the Section (2006-8) and Vice Dean of the English Program (1994-5).  Prior to joining the Section, he practised corporate and commercial law in Toronto with Fasken & Calvin (now Fasken).  

At the law school, Professor VanDuzer teaches courses on domestic and international business law.  Outside the law school, Professor VanDuzer has taught more than 20 short courses to officials from Canadian government departments and more than a dozen foreign states on trade and investment issues both in Canada and abroad. He has also taught in the University of Ottawa Executive MBA program, at the Queen’s University Bader International Studies Centre in England, the Westfalische Wilhelms-Universitat in Germany and the University of Waikato Te Piringa Faculty of Law in New Zealand. 

Professor VanDuzer’s main area of research interest is international trade and investment.  He has been a member of the Academic Advisory Council to the Deputy Minister for International Trade and participated in technical assistance projects relating to trade and investment law in transition and developing economies, including Armenia, Bangladesh, China, El Salvador, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Russia, Thailand, Ukraine and Vietnam.  He acted as an outside legal assessor for the Central and Eastern European Law Initiative of the American Bar Association providing advice on a draft Foreign Trade Law for Bosnia-Herzegovina and a draft Competition Protection Act for Bulgaria.  He also worked as a foreign expert advising on the development of a new foreign trade law for Russia which was passed by the Duma in 2005.    

Professor VanDuzer's publications include The Law of Partnerships and Corporations (now in its fourth edition and cited more than 50 times by courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada) as well as articles on business, trade and investment law issues. With Professor Gilles Paquet of the Telfer School of Management, Professor VanDuzer wrote Anticompetitive Pricing Practices and the Competition Act: Theory, Law and Practice, a major study for the Competition Bureau published in 1999. Many of the recommendations for reform of the Competition Act  were included in amendments passed in 2009.  In 2005, his study for the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Health, Education and Social Services in Canada: The Impact of the WTO General Agreement on Trade in Services was tabled before the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade. Along with Professor Simons and Professor Mayeda, in 2013 he wrote Integrating Sustainable Development into International Investment Treaties: A Guide for Developing Countries published by the Commonwealth Secretariat. In 2020, he published an edited collection entitled Promoting and Managing International Investment: Toward an Integrated Policy Approach, co-edited with Patrick Leblond, CN-Paul Tellier Chair on Business and Public Policy. 

Professor VanDuzer is a co-chair of the Faculty’s International Law Group and an Adjunct Research Professor at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University. In 2018, He received Common Law Section awards for Excellence in Teaching (English Program) and Public Engagement: Public Education and Outreach. Professor VanDuzer is very involved in mooting at the law school. In 2023, he coached the Davies Canadian Corporate/Securities Moot team (with Professor Vasudev).   

Courses 2023-24

(on academic leave July 1, 2023 to December 1, 2023)

  • TradeLab International Economic Law Clinic CML 3385 
  • Business Organizations CML 2302

Recent Books

  • Mitchell McIness, Ian Kerr, J Anthony VanDuzer and Malcom Lavoie, Managing the Law: Legal Aspects of Doing Business, 6th ed (Toronto: Prentice Hall Canada, 2022)(author of 6 chapters, pages 509-646). 
  • J Anthony VanDuzer and Patrick Leblond, eds, Promoting and Managing International Investment: Toward an Integrated Policy Approach (London and New York: Routledge, 2020)(295 pages)(co-author of three chapters). 
  • J. Anthony VanDuzer, The Law of Partnerships and Corporations, 4th ed (Toronto: Irwin, 2018)(728 pages). 
  • Mitchell McIness, Ian Kerr and J. Anthony VanDuzer, Managing the Law:  Legal Aspects of Doing Business, 5th ed (Toronto: Prentice Hall Canada, 2017)(author of 6 chapters, pages 491-631). 
  • J. Anthony VanDuzer, Penelope Simons and Graham Mayeda, Integrating Sustainable Development into International Investment Agreements: A Guide for Developing Countries (London: Commonwealth Secretariat, 2013)(570 pages)(lead author and editor). 
  • Mitchell McIness, Ian Kerr and J Anthony VanDuzer, Managing the Law: Legal Aspects of Doing Business, 4th ed (Toronto: Prentice Hall Canada, 2013)(author of 6 chapters, pages 514-657). 
  • Mitchell McIness, Ian Kerr and J Anthony VanDuzer, Managing the Law: Legal Aspects of Doing Business, 3d ed (Toronto: Prentice Hall Canada, 2010)(author of 6 chapters, pages 497-638). 

Recent Publications

  • "Canada" - co-authored with Melanie Mallet - in Thomas Cottier and Krista Nadakavukaren, Shefer, eds, Encyclopedia of International Economic Law , 2d ed (Elgar, forthcoming 2023).
  • "International Investment Agreements: Compatibility with Sustainable Development Goals 8 (Work), 9 (Infrastructure), and 11 (Cities)" in Sean Stephenson and Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger eds. Research Handbook on Investement Law and Sustainable Development (Elgar, forthcoming 2023).
  • “A Canadian Perspective on 50 years of International Economic Law in Canada” (2023) 46 Dalhousie Law Journal (accepted and forthcoming). Download pre-publication version from SSRN
  • Managing Conflicts between Indigenous Rights and International Trade Obligations” Cambridge University Press Blog (February 24, 2022) – co-authored with Melanie Mallet. 
  • “Binational Panel Review of Trade Remedies Determinations: Prospects for exporting the USMCA’s unique procedure” (2022) 17 Global Trade and Customs Journal 271-9.
  • "State-to-State Dispute Settlement under the USMCA: A missed opportunity? in Alfonso Lopez de la Osa Escribano and James W Skelton, eds, Essays in Honour of Professor Stephen T. Zamora: A Life Between Mexico and the United States (Houston: Arte Publico/University of Houston, 2022). Download from SSRN.
  • “2020 Developments in Home State Foreign Direct Investment Policies” – co-authored with Penelope Simons - in Lisa Sachs & Lise Johnson eds, 2020 Yearbook of International Investment Law and Policy (Oxford, OUP 2021) 57-79. 
  • “Indigenous Rights and Trade Obligations: How does the CUSMA’s Indigenous General Exception apply to Canada?” – co-authored with Melanie Mallet - (2021) 58 Canadian Yearbook of International Law 1-47. Winner of the Charles B Bourne Article Prize for an article published in the Canadian Yearbook of International Law that makes an outstanding contribution to international law. 
  • Book Review, Indigenous Peoples and International Trade: Building Equitable and Inclusive International Trade Agreements, John Borrows and Risa Schwartz (eds) (Cambridge: CUP 2020) (2021) 22 Journal of World Investment and Trade 627-634. 
  • "Using International Investment Agreements to Address Corporate Impunity for Human Rights Violations in Extractive Industries" – co-authored with Penelope Simons - in Oonagh Fitzgerald, ed, The Corporation in International, Transnational and Domestic Law and Governance – Canadian Perspectives on Globalized Rule of Law (CIGI, 2020) 279-307. 
  • "Can international investment agreements be instruments of sustainable development? Capacity challenges for developing countries" in Joost Pauwelyn and Mengyi Wang, eds, Building Legal Capacity for a More Inclusive Globalization: Barriers to and Best Practices for Integrating Developing Countries into the Maze of Global Economic Regulation (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, 2019). Download from SSRN 
  • “Policy Responses to International Investment Arbitration: Adherence to Obligations or Regulatory Chill?” – co-authored with Ashley Schram, Arne Ruckert, Sharon Friel, Ronald Labonte (2018) Global Policy. 
  • “A conceptual framework for investigating the impacts of international trade and investment agreements on non-communicable disease risk factors”  - coauthored with Ashley Schram, Arne Ruckert, J Anthony VanDuzer, Sharon Friel, Deborah Gleeson, Anne-Marie Thow, David Stuckler, Ronald Labonte (2017) Health Policy and Planning 1-14.
  • “Full Protection and Security” in Thomas Cottier and Krista Nadakavukaren Shefer eds, Encyclopedia of International Economic Law, (Elgar, 2017). 
  • “Canadian Investment Treaties with African Countries: What Do They Tell Us About Investment Treaty Making in Africa?” (2017) 18 Journal of World Investment and Trade 556-584. Download from SSRN.
  • “Compliance with Canada’s Trade and Investment Treaty Obligations: Addressing the Gap between Provincial Action and Federal Responsibility” - with Melanie Mallet - (2016) 54 Alberta Law Review 1. Download from SSRN.
  • "ISDS in CETA: Is it the Gold Standard" (2016) 459 CD Howe Commentary . Download from SSRN.
  • “The Complex Relationship Between International Investment Law and Climate Change Initiatives: Exploring the Tension” in Panagiotis Delimatsis, ed, Research Handbook on Climate Change and Trade Law (part of the Edward Elgar’s Research Handbooks in Climate Law Series, 2016). 
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