Two students from the Common Law Section win top prize in the Dominion Mock Trial Moot Court competition

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Students Dalia Dadi & Jasjeet Dhaliwal
Two students from the Common Law Section, Dalia Dadi (The French common law program) and Jasjeet Dhaliwal, have tied for first place in the 2022 Initiates Cup in the Dominion Mock Trial Moot Court competition.

The 2022 Initiates Cup is a moot court competition organized by Dominion Mock Trial. The competition simulates an appellate court: first year law students from across Canada take on the role of lawyers and compete in front of a panel of judges. Dominion Mock Trial is a non-profit organization made up of a small group of individuals who love the law. It aims to promote legal education across Canada’s high schools by providing leadership, networking, and educational opportunities. 

Said Dadi: “This is an incredible opportunity to practice your oratory and analytical skills, as well as to learn the principles of trial advocacy. We had the opportunity to argue in front of experienced lawyers and in front of Lorne Sossin, Justice of the Ontario Court of Appeals. We gained a lot of knowledge from their advice and from this experience. “ 

The panel of judges included Justice Lorne Sossin of the Ontario Court of Appeal and former Dean of Osgoode Hall Law School. The students tied for first place with a team from Dalhousie Law School. 

All members of the Common Law Section congratulate Dalia Dadi and Jasjeet Dhaliwal on their award! 

To learn more about the competition see Dominion Mock Trial and watch the 2022 Initiates Cup Finals on Youtube.