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JD-BSocSc (Specialization in Political Science)

In a multidisciplinary approach, legal studies and the practice of law can be structured with a view to developing and strengthening complementary ties with other related disciplines such as political science, economic and social sciences, international relations or new information technologies, just to name a few. Moreover, the combined JD-BSocSc Program provides lawyers and political scientists with a chance to analyze and understand issues from these two complementary disciplinary backgrounds. 

In a world profoundly affected by globalization, the practice of law can benefit from a multidisciplinary approach. Indeed, globalization affects not only the economic and communication sectors, but creates new social, political, strategic and cultural challenges that the law cannot afford to ignore. 

The Common Law Section of the Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa takes this challenge seriously and offers a wide range of combined programs. For example, the combined Juris Doctor (JD) and Honours Bachelor of Social Sciences with Specialization in Political Science provides an opportunity for students who have been admitted to the Faculty of Social Sciences to complete all the requirements of both programs in a period of six (6) years, obtaining two separate degrees at the end of their studies. 

The Juris Doctor (JD) and Honours Bachelor of Social Sciences with Specialization in Political Science combined program is offered only in French.

Program information

Students admitted to the program do their first two years in Political Science with the Faculty of Social Sciences.  After two years, students who have kept the average required by the program spend their third, fourth and fifth years in the French Common Law Program at the Faculty of Law. Students who pass their fifth year of the program return to the Faculty of Social Sciences in the sixth year, and must obtain 18 units in Common Law and 12 units in Political Science.


The admission process is the same as for all other studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences programs. The required admission average is 85% for first-year eligible candidates regardless of the source. Eligible students in their second year cannot be admitted to this program. Admission to the curriculum happens in the first year only during the initial admission to the University of Ottawa. 

Transfer to the Faculty of Law’s French Common Law Program is guaranteed to students who maintain a grade point average (GPA) of 8.3 after the second year of study (60 credits earned) in the Faculty of Social Sciences. 

To apply for admission to the program, you must contact the Office of Undergraduate Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Immersion in French

At the Faculty of Social Sciences, the specialized program in Political Science is offered as part of the immersion program.  The Common Law component is conducted in French only, but is not available in immersion. 

The combined program is reserved exclusively to the French Common Law Program. The first year of the Common Law component is offered in French only.  Thereafter, students can take up to 25% of their Common Law units in English.

Tuition fees

Students pay tuition related to the Faculty of Social Sciences for the first, second and sixth years, and tuition related to the Common Law Section for the third, fourth and fifth years.

Course sequences