Bernard J. Jasmin

Bernard J. Jasmin
Bernard J. Jasmin
Dean | Faculty of Medicine | Professor, Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine

BEd, McGill University
PhD, Université de Montréal
Postdoctoral Fellowship - Institut Jacques Monod and Institut Pasteur, Paris
Research Associate - University of Miami School of Medicine

Roger Guindon Hall, room 3153
(613) 562-5800 ext. 8383


Research focus 

While assuming varied administrative responsibilities originally as the inaugural Chair of the Department of CMM (2002 to 2009) and, subsequently, as Vice Dean of Research (2009 to 2017) and Dean (2017 to present) in the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Jasmin has maintained a vigorous research program that focuses on deciphering the regulatory cascades and signaling pathways involved in controlling expression of synaptic proteins in both neuronal and skeletal muscle cells. In this work, the emphasis is placed on studying questions that are relevant for our understanding of the physiopathology and eventual treatment of various neuromuscular diseases and conditions such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy, myotonic dystrophy, skeletal muscle atrophy, and rhabdomyosarcoma. More recently, Dr. Jasmin has initiated studies to determine the impact of the gut microbiota on neuromuscular functions and dysfunctions.

Accomplishments and awards

Over the years, the excellence of Dr. Jasmin’s research has been recognized by invitations to present at prestigious scientific meetings and institutions, and by several awards including a Scholarship Award from the Medical Research Council of Canada, a Young Investigator Award from the University of Ottawa, an Investigator Award from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and, more recently, a Scientist of the Year Award from the Ontario Chapter of Muscular Dystrophy Canada, and a Quality of Life Award from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research via its Institute of Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis. He has also received a Honorary Doctorate form the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 for the excellence of his research and his commitment to internationalization.

Grant support

Dr. Jasmin’s research has been well supported over the years by several granting agencies that include the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Muscular Dystrophy Association (USA), Muscular Dystrophy Canada , the Canadian Space Agency, the Cancer Research Society, l’Association française contre les myopathies, and the Foundation for Gene and Cell Therapy (Jesse’s Journey).

Research interests

  • Neuromuscular plasticity
  • Neuromuscular diseases
  • Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
  • Myotonic Dystrophy
  • Muscle Atrophy
  • Rhabdomyosarcoma
  • Therapeutics Development
  • Skeletal Muscle
  • Synaptic Proteins
  • Gene Regulation
  • RNA Metabolism
  • RBA-binding Proteins