Application for Credits

Approval type requested
(See page 2 for modified ePortfolio guidelines for your reflection.)

Please note: Final approval will depend on proof of completion of the activity. The Medicine and the Humanities Committee may ask for further reflection and/or information before granting the final number of approved credits. A separate application must be made for the special project required for the Certificate of Excellence in Medicine and the Humanities.


Curricular component

Leadership curriculum

Interprofessional education activity

Aesculapian Society or Student interest group activity

Faculty of Medicine organized initiative



The reflective process involves a number of steps. As you reflect and construct your ePortfolio post, consider the following steps:

1. Review the Felt Experience:

a. What were the essential elements of the experience (event/situation)? How would you describe it?

b. What were your initial thoughts and feelings about this experience?

2. Critical Analysis:

a. What questions does this experience raise for you as a future physician?

b. What answers are you exploring?

3. Reflective Outcome:

a. What conclusions are you drawing from your reflection?

b. How will these affect your future practice/behavior?

c. What goals and/or future plans do you have as a result of this reflection?