Dr. Claire Touchie

Dr. Claire Touchie
Dr. Claire Touchie
Department of Medicine



Dr. Touchie is the chief medical education advisor at the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) in addition to doing outpatient clinics for the care of HIV-infected patients and supervising general internal medicine teaching clinics. In the last year, she has been the co-lead for the introduction of a new assessment blueprint for the MCC licentiate and is the course lead for the new course for the Canadian Association for Medical Education (CAME): Principles of Assessment for the Continuum of Clinical Competence. She completed her Master’s of Health Professions Education (MHPE) at University of Illinois at Chicago in the fall of 2013. Dr. Touchie is an active medical education mentor as a senior research associate for AIME and the Department of Medicine. Her research presently focuses on supervision, entrustable professional activities, transition from medical school to residency and feedback. She is a board member of CAME, the International Consortium for Competency-Based Medical Education and FMEC-PG Transition Subcommittee amongst others.


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