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Faculty Member Awards of Excellence

In the spirit of recognizing the outstanding achievements of our valued faculty members, the Faculty of Medicine is pleased to bestow its Awards of Excellence annually.

This page will be updated before the launch of the 2024 competition in late spring. 

The 2023 competition was launched mid-April, and the nomination deadline has been extended from June 5, 2023, 11:59 p.m to June 12, 2023, 11:59 p.m. The details for each category are listed below, and a summary of requirements has been prepared

Information common to all award categories: 

Eligibility: For all award categories, part-time and full-time members of the Faculty of Members, in any rank (lecturers and adjunct, assistant, associate, full and emeritus professors) may be nominated. Most awards (other than the Early-career Researcher awards) can be granted at any point in a career, but cannot be won by the same individual more than once in a seven (7) year period.

The Faculty is committed to fostering an equitable workplace environment that provides equal opportunities for everyone and that respects and values diversity. Thank you for taking this into account when nominating candidates for prizes. This will be considered in the selection of laureates.

Nomination submission: Nominations must be submitted using the online submission platform

Selection process: The Selection Committee is chaired by the Director of Awards and Prizes and is composed of departmental and learner representatives. The Committee’s selection is then presented to the Faculty of Medicine Executive Leadership Team for final approval.

Award: The recipients will be presented with a commemorative trophy.

New in 2023 and important notes:

  • The Award for Leadership in EDI has been expanded and renamed the Award for Leadership in EDIIA (Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Indigeneity and Accessibility). More details about this category can be found below (under Strategic Priority 3: Engagement).  
  • In reflecting on who to nominate, please be sure to consider full-time and part-time faculty members, including lecturers and adjunct, associate, assistant, full and emeritus professors.  
  • Learners submitting nominations are not required to include the nominee’s CV or teaching and course evaluations. 

If you have questions about the award competition, please contact the Awards and Prizes office at [email protected].

Strategic Priority 1: Education

Strategic Priority 2: Research

Strategic Priority 3: Engagement

Strategic Priority 4: Francophonie

Strategic Priority 5: Internationalization and Global Health