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Academic Appointments and Renewal Procedures Manual

The information below outlines the approval pathways for academic appointments and renewal of academic appointments of our clinical Faculty. For additional information or to learn more, please contact the Office of Faculty Affairs at [email protected]

Academic Appointments Procedures Manual

Introduction to Academic Appointments at the Faculty of Medicine

One of the important responsibilities of the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Medicine is to appoint its clinical faculty members. Clinical faculty are responsible to both the University and a relevant site, and the relationship between University and hospital governance from the perspective of the individual faculty member has not always been clear. The University recognizes that the inherent complexity surrounding issues of governance and finances with respect to clinical faculty has contributed to a long-standing University policy vacuum in this area. The Relationship Committee that was mandated to assess and address issues rooted in the relationship between the Faculty of Medicine and its clinical faculty members is pleased to present a new Procedures Manual for Academic Appointment in the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Medicine based on new appointments principles.

Renewal of Faculty Academic Appointment / Annual Review Procedures Manual

Introduction and Purpose of this Document

The University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine aims to be a top academic performer. The Dean delegates, to the Department Chairs, the responsibility for monitoring and ensuring the academic performance (teaching, research and other academic endeavours) of their Faculty to meet a high standard. As such, faculty evaluations must be conducted at least annually. New recruits and those having difficulty meeting expectations will require more frequent monitoring to ensure activities meet the Faculty of Medicine expectations but also to provide advice and assistance to the faculty members recognizing the importance of promotion to their careers.

The Faculty of Medicine recognizes that decisions affecting individual faculty members must be made in a consistent manner according to established principles and standards, applied through fair and reasonable procedures. The standard policy and procedures contained in this document describe the academic review process for clinical faculty within the Faculty of Medicine. In addition, it outlines key principles that guide the academic review process, and a set of criteria to clarify expectations for reappointment well in advance.

These procedures concern full-time clinical faculty (MD) and clinical scientists (PhD) at the Faculty of Medicine, including current faculty and new appointees. The objective is to ensure consistency among departments within the Faculty of Medicine, and to support clinical faculty members to achieve academic goals that contribute to promotion throughout their academic careers.