Welcome to the office of Faculty Affairs (FA)! We offer free, confidential services for our faculty, students and staff. You can seek assistance in the areas of Faculty Wellness, Equity and Diversity Issues, Professionalism.

The office of Faculty Affairs (FA) oversees faculty affairs within the Faculty of Medicine. We are comprised of the Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), the Faculty Wellness Program (FWP), and the Office of Professionalism (OP). The Assistant-Deans and Director of these offices report to the Vice-Dean Faculty Affairs who is the head of the FA. The FA oversees the clinical faculty appointment process, annual reviews, academic promotion as well as other academic issues and faculty relations. The number of requests for faculty appointment and promotion continues to increase, a healthy indicator of the faculty engagement with the University.

Faculty Affairs - Update

The holiday break is upon us again - good for you for all the hard work it took to see you through 2023. You should all be proud! 

Your team at the Faculty Wellness Program has your back as usual, so we are offering our annual reminder to self-care over the holidays.  

For those of you taking time off, remember the sage advice of fully disconnecting from work. As in former years, your team encourages you to be mindful of boundaries when getting together with loved ones – let finding light and keeping it lite be your guide. 

This year, given the particularly challenging time in the world, we encourage you to protect your well-being by limiting exposure to potential sources of negative emotions. 

Our nervous systems struggle to work well when constantly provoked by bursts of adrenaline. Checking one’s phone too often, especially to browse potentially troubling updates, has a negative impact on wellbeing – so why not give your body a break? 

Some ways to outfox your phone temptation are: 

  • Turning off notifications. 

  • Keeping your phone elsewhere when socializing. 

  • Schedule times for phone use.  

  • Change colour settings to black and white.  

  • Reading the news in full, longer versions instead of watching via short videos or tweets on social media is healthier for your nervous system.  

So now, with that pesky tech guest taking up less room, you can shine! 

A great way to do that is to go out and spend time with people! Plenty is going on in Ottawa or back home should you be returning to usher in the New Year. 

Connect with people you’ve not seen in a while and with whom you share a personal history. Do something fun, people. You deserve to savour some joy after months of hard work! 

Season’s Greetings from your Wellness Team, wishing you a happy and healthy 2024!  

No seminar at this time.

December 2023

“What's in a value? Contextualizing sociodemographic equity data in Canadian Higher Education.”

Thursday, December 07, 2023

12:00 – 1:30


In the seminar, Evelyn Asiedu will discuss Canadian Universities that are proclaimed to be vestiges of acceptance where all can be successful. Specifically, in physical sciences objectivity is revered; and upheld as the great equalizer leading us to innovation and is foundational to discovery. However, objectivity has perhaps prevented open commentary about the human aspects of science. Bias is inherent in us all, and privilege has shaped who we deem worthy to hold the title of scientist.

During this session, participants will review:

  • Historical discrimination and the ways systemic biases impact access to and success in Academia.
  • The barriers to success which are present in higher education challenge us to consider the impact on current and future scientists in our country.
  • Considerations for ethical sociodemographic data collection and complementary qualitative data.

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