We actively contribute to the health and well-being of French-speaking populations by supporting and developing the skills of healthcare professionals, in French, for the country's Francophonie.

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Preceptorship 101 

A course that introduces the basics of medical education, enabling medical preceptors to perfect their preceptorship skills through real-life situations.

Format : 2-day course

Registration : from January

Dates : March

Preceptorship 201: Clinical Preceptorship Development

A program that enables you to develop the skills needed to carry out a personal clinical teaching intervention plan. It also provides practical and effective techniques and strategies for evaluation, feedback and co-supervision. This course builds on the concepts presented in the basic course (Preceptorship 101), enabling the preceptor clinician to reflect on the subject through practical activities.

Format : program of 10 workshops, one 2-hour workshop per month

Registration : from July

Dates : September to June

Webinar series: French-speaking influencers in medicine, from research to practice 

During this webinar series, we highlight French-speaking opinion leaders and medical experts who have left their mark on the medical community through innovative research and their impact on clinical practice. Each webinar will feature a different medical influencer, offering a diversity of expertise and areas of specialization. Our series will cover a wide range of topics essential to modern medical practice.

Format : 1 webinar per month

Registration : at the beginning of each month 

Dates : September to May

Research 101: Short introductory research program

A short program that will give you a better understanding of the phases involved in carrying out a research project, from identification of the question to publication. It also offers practical and effective techniques and strategies to help you find funding and choose the best instruments.

Format : 1 program of 9 workshops, one 2-hour workshop per month

Registration : from August

Dates : January to November


Held in conjunction with Ottawa's Winterlude, this conference allows participants to deepen their knowledge of the topics presented at the symposium and to gain access to the latest concepts and considerations from expert presenters, thereby contributing to the development of various skills for family physicians.

Format : one-day conference

Registration : from January

Dates : February

Hospitalist Update

Designed for family physicians and hospitalists, this conference focuses on the day-to-day challenges encountered in the hospital environment. It combines enlightening lecture sessions with interactive workshops designed to reinforce skills and provide practical solutions to real-life scenarios.

Format : one-day conference

Registration : from September

Dates : November

Journées Montfort

A unique national conference that brings together French-speaking physicians and healthcare professionals to discuss and explore the most relevant topics in healthcare today. Les Journées Montfort features a panel of world-renowned speakers who present in-depth analyses of the hottest topics.

Format : two-day conference

Registration : from January

Dates : April


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