In accordance with the University of Ottawa’s bilingualism policy, we are committed to facilitating the continuous improvement of the French language in the Faculty of Medicine.

What is the purpose of the "Retro franco bravo!" project?

Francophone Affairs would like your help in recognizing the Faculty of Medicine’s champions for their exemplary work in advancing the Francophonie, as well as your suggestions for the continuous improvement of the French language in the Faculty of Medicine.  

With the “Rétro franco bravo!” button, we are pursuing several goals:

  • to enhance the student experience in the Francophone stream of the Faculty of Medicine
  • to recognize Francophiles who are advancing the Francophonie in their communities
  • to recognize the proper use of the French language and opportunities for improvement
  • to ensure excellence in French at all levels of the curriculum
  • to ensure equity between the Francophone and Anglophone streams
  • to train competent French-speaking physicians capable of serving our minority Francophone populations
  • to improve the health status of minority Francophone patients.

If your feedback is unrelated to the language component, we encourage you to submit a Kudo through the Kudos Program.

What does this mean in practical terms?

Francophonie champions will be featured in our newsletter and on our social networks. It’s our way of celebrating their successes and sharing them with our community.

Through a transparent process and by establishing an accessible and user-friendly system, we are committed to advancing continuous improvement initiatives.

When can I expect a solution to my feedback?

Feedback will be checked on a weekly basis. Solutions will be implemented as quickly as possible. Feedback requiring closer follow-up will be discussed at quarterly working group meetings.