In accordance with the University of Ottawa’s bilingualism policy, we are committed to ensuring the quality of the French language in the Faculty of Medicine.
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What is the purpose of the Francophone Feedback project?

Through the Francophone Feedback button, we are collecting your feedback on the quality of French in the Faculty of Medicine along with your ideas for improvement. The project has several goals:

  • to enhance the student experience in the Francophone stream of the Faculty of Medicine

  • to identify opportunities for improving the quality of the language

  • to ensure excellence in French at all levels of the curriculum

  • to ensure equity between the Francophone and Anglophone streams

  • to train competent French-speaking physicians capable of serving our minority Francophone populations

  • to improve the health status of minority Francophone patients.

Through a transparent process and the establishment of an accessible and easy-to-use system, we are committed to responding to your comments and to advancing the initiatives submitted, and to correcting the deficiencies identified.

Feedback will be verified on a weekly basis. Solutions will be implemented as soon as possible. Feedback requiring closer follow-up will be discussed every three months at the meetings of the working group.

Our medium-term goal is to obtain a “multisource” assessment by expanding this initiative to:

  • preceptors

  • supervisors

  • directors

  • Faculty of Medicine support staff

Virginie Albert
[email protected]
Program Manager, Francophone Affairs

Tammy Bélanger
[email protected]
Supervisor, Assessment, Evaluation and Curriculum Office, Undergraduate Medical Education

Isabelle Briand-Turpin
[email protected]
Activities Coordinator, Francophone Affairs

Dr. Stefan de Laplante
[email protected]
Francophone Feedback project leader
Unit IV Leader — Francophone and Anglophone streams
Assistant Professor — Department of Family Medicine
Family Physician
Member of Francophone Affairs, Faculty of Medicine

Asli Fuad
[email protected]
Undergraduate Francophone Feedback student representative
Medical student, Class of 2024 — Francophone stream