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Francophone Affairs

Francophone Affairs is dedicated to the vitality of francophonie within the University of Ottawa's Faculty of Medicine in order to improve care provided to francophone patients in minority settings across the country.

About us

Francophone Affairs takes on a pan-faculty role, supporting all activities that take place in French, and ensuring a positive Francophone image, thereby promoting the whole across the country and around the world, for the well-being of French-speaking populations.

In addition to the "Francophonie" strategic axis of the Faculty of Medicine's Strategic Plan, Francophone Affairs contributes to the other axes, notably  :

  • Education - Expanding the range of innovative educational programs; Promoting interdisciplinary and interprofessional learning.
  • Research - Conducting and facilitating research and research dissemination in French, and works to increase research capacity.
  • Internationalization and Global Health - Forging fruitful and diversified partnerships; Prioritizing our social responsibility mandate.

To this end, we have established three important partnerships with the Consortium national de formation en santé – University of Ottawa ChapterMédecins francophones du Canada and Montfort Hospital.

Active offer of services

Several studies over the years have shown that the health needs of Francophones living in minority language settings are not always met, due to a lack of adequate services in their own language. Moreover, Francophones are often reluctant to request services in their own language.

Active offer is a proactive approach that aims to make French-language services more visible, making patients feel that they can use their minority language from the outset. This approach is in line with the principles of patient-centred care and social responsibility. Active offer for administrative and nursing staff does not necessarily mean speaking the language, but knowing where to refer patients for services in their own language.

The University of Ottawa's Faculty of Medicine recognizes its unique role in raising the awareness of active offer among future healthcare professionals, including physicians and residents. Implementing active offer does not require perfect bilingualism, but rather openness to the French-speaking community.

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