The Faculty of Medicine’s International and Global Health Office (IGHO) offers a variety of educational events throughout the year, with the goal to promote international collaboration between Professors, Clinicians, Researchers and Learners.

These events and webinars offer our local and international community a chance to learn from world-leading subject-matter experts at the University of Ottawa and around the world.

You will find within this section information on upcoming events and virtual sessions, as well as recordings of past webinars.

Want to learn more? Write to IGHO Med at [email protected] for more details or to suggest a topic and speaker for a future event or webinar.

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Medicine and the Humanities International Program (MHIP) – Summer 2024 Edition

The 2024 edition of the MHIP summer school will be held in Ottawa from July 8 to 12, inviting participants to reflect under the broader theme of Progress in Medicine. 

  • What does it mean for medicine to be more equitable, inclusive, and fair? 
  • How have medical care, research, education, and advocacy progressed over time? How might they progress in the future?
  • In what ways can future doctors help medicine progress over the course of their careers?
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This edition will explore the many ways in which medicine is still a work in progress (including the meaning of progress in medicine, its achievements, and barriers) and better equip participants to respond to the challenges of practicing medicine in the 21st century.

Launched in April 2016, Medicine and the Humanities International Program (MHIP) is founded on a multilateral partnership between University of Ottawa, University of Lyon (UDL), Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine (SJTUSM) and Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SHUTCM). 

This unique English-French bilingual program enables students and professors to experience the history of medicine, art, literature, philosophy and human sciences across multiple cultures and languages to foster critical thinking, the development of professionalism and empathy. 

Building on the success of the inaugural MHIP summer school in Ottawa in July 2017, the summer schools held since then emphasize the value of having the humanities included in medical training through curriculum development, knowledge sharing and student exchange.

Want to participate in the program? 

Submit a letter of intent (maximum 250 words) describing your interest in the humanities, why you wish to attend this Summer School and how it would beuseful to you, along with your CV to [email protected] by March 31, 2024

*Please use Application_MHIP” as the subject line of your email.

This opportunity is offered to first and second-year uOttawa MD students.

Interested in learning more about the MHIP summer school? 


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