The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine is pleased to extend its support to the University of Ottawa research network.

Experimental pathology group

A group of interested pathologists, laboratory physicians and scientists has been formed and offers its services to any researcher who has need in any sector of pathology and laboratory medicine: tissue morphology, blood, serum or infectious diseases. The expertise provided may vary from technical advice or services with the support of our experienced laboratory staff to collaboration in the design of experiments involving animal morphology and biology. 

The group includes experienced veterinary and human anatomical pathologists, microbiologists, virologists and hematopathologists and complements the expert technical laboratory support we have been offering for several years. We encourage you to contact the group earlier, rather than too late, in your project design.

For technical laboratory support (slides, immunohistochemistry and more), please contact: [email protected]

Image of a HE stain - Intraductal papillary neoplasm in liver Hilum

HE stain

Intraductal papillary neoplasm in liver Hilum
Image of a Silver stain - Histoplasmosis in small bowel

Silver stain

Histoplasmosis in small bowel
Image of a HE stain - Tuberculosis in a lymph node

HE stain

Tuberculosis in a lymph node
a person taking notes

Our mission statement

The Experimental Pathology Group’s major objective is to support the research community in its design and conduct of research projects involving tissue morphology, blood, serum or infectious organisms. It is complementary to the expert technological support provided by the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine for several years.

FAQ's, specialties and contact

Histology Core Facility (HCF)

Double labelling by chromogenic IHC in mouse brain

Histology Core Facility

The Histology Core Facility (HCF) is a full-service histology laboratory available to faculty, researchers, clinicians and students. The primary mission of the HCF is to provide efficient, high quality and cost-effective histological services for both animal and human tissue. HCF services include paraffin processing and embedding, paraffin and frozen sectioning as well as routine and special histological staining.
Visit the Histology Core Facility website

Welcome to the Pathology and Laboratory Medicine – Histology Core Facility (HCF):

Excellence in Research and Education

The HCF laboratory is equipped with:

  • A fully automated Leica Bond III immunostainer to provide automated immunohistochemistry, in-situ hybridization and immunofluorescence
  • Automated tissue processors for paraffin processing
  • Automated microtomes for paraffin sectioning
  • Automated stainer that can be programmed to provide a wide variety of routine and special stains
  • Cryostats for sectioning frozen tissue

The HCF performs chromogenic or fluorescent immunohistochemistry staining on frozen and paraffin sections using either single or dual-color labelling.  We also provide full service scanning using the Zeiss Mirax Midi, which digitizes whole microscope slides at 40X magnification and provides detailed high resolution images.

Experienced personnel in the HCF are available for consultation on project/protocol design, technical assistance and training on facility instruments. The Infinity Ideal Elan online system is used for all of our histological services and instrument training.

  • As of July 7th, 2021, the Louise Pelletier Histology Core Facility (LPHCF) has transitioned to the Infinity Core Facility management software. The Infinity software will represent a change in the way users request services, schedule and access equipment and will streamline operations, billing and reporting.

Quick Guide for Infinity Idea Elan:

1. For New users (not a Principal Investigator (PI):

  • Use the link below and follow the prompts to register for an account. This link will be used to login each time you use Infinity.
  • Select the Lab/PI to request access. (This is the lab of your supervisor). If your lab does not exist in the options, please contact [email protected] to proceed.
  • Select the Facility that you wish to request access (i.e., Louise Pelletier Histology Core Facility (LPHCF))
  • All facility access request from domain will be approved automatically. For all other internal users (such as OHRI, CHEO, TOH) and external users, the LPHCF will receive an email notification to approve your facility access request. Once approved, you should be able to submit service requests using our sample submission request forms and book instruments using the infinity scheduler.

Login Link.

2. New Users – PI only

If you are a new PI, and want to register your lab for our services, please contact [email protected].

Please note:

If you are already in the system, you are not required to make a new account for LPHCF. However, you need to request access to our facility.