Murugesu Laboratory named uOttawa Health and Safety Leader of the Month for July 2023

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Thanks to the efforts of senior graduate student Niki Mavragani and post-doc and lab manager Alexandros Kitos, the Murugesu Lab has won the uOttawa Safety Leader Award for July 2023. The lab personnel were commended on their diligence, initiative, and contribution to significantly enhancing the safety of their workplace.

Niki and Alex have created detailed standard operating procedures for their lab, including policies and procedures for using and storing energetic materials. They have also implemented a documented process that requires all workers in the lab to review and confirm their knowledge and understanding of these procedures. This has ensured that lab workers are aware of the hazards and risks in their workplace.

During a recent event, the lab workers demonstrated the effectiveness of this approach to lab safety management by responding quickly and correctly to an unsafe occurrence; in doing so, they likely prevented injury and property damage. 

We congratulate the Murugesu lab and Niki and Alexandros for their safety leadership, their understanding of their roles and responsibilities with regard to workplace safety, and their outstanding diligence in ensuring the safety of their workplace. They have clearly demonstrated several principles of our safety policy. They have engaged, communicated, and actively  participated in the management of occupational health and safety. They have identified and assessed the hazards and risks in their workplace and provided this information to all lab workers.

Well done Murugesu Lab.