Adina Luican-Mayer
Adina Luican-Mayer
Associate Professor

STM 439

Department of Physics


Our laboratory integrates scanning probe microscopy and fabrication of custom materials and nanodevices. We aim to advance knowledge of physical phenomena that emerge as a result of low dimensionality, presence of surfaces and interfaces, and proximity between different states of matter.

Selected publications

  • Adina Luican-Mayer  and Eva Y. Andrei, Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy studies of graphene, in “Physics of Graphene”, editors  H. Aoki and M.  S. Dresselhaus,  Nanoscience and Technology series Springer  p28 (2014)
  • Luican-Mayer A., M. Kharitonov, G. Li. C-P Lu, I. Skatcho, AM Goncalves, K. Watanabe, T.Taniguchi, E. Y. Andrei, Visualizing the influence of an isolated Coulomb impurity on the Landau level spectrum in graphene, Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 036804 (2014)
  • Luican A., Li.G., Andrei E. Y., Reina A., Kong J., Nair R., Novoselov K.S., Geim A.K., Andrei E.Y.   Single-Layer Behavior and Its Breakdown in Twisted Graphene Layers, Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 126802 (2011)

Research interests

  • Experimental condensed matter
  • Low dimensional systems
  • Scanning tunneling microscopy
  • Graphene
  • Van der Waals heterostructures