Professor directories

Prof. Alexandre Poulain working in a lab with a grad student


Our department comprises a vibrant group of researchers across the spectrum of biological sciences and with internationally-recognized strengths in bioinformatics, comparative physiology, ecotoxicology, macroecology and experimental evolution.

Scientist looking into a microscope

Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences

Our department has one of the strongest research profiles in the country.  Junior and senior research faculty alike have won some of the most prestigious national and international awards available.  Several of our professors hold Canada Research Chairs and University Research Chairs. 

Prof. Jonathan Oneil holding a rock in his lab

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Our department has world-class teachers and researchers navigating how the Earth and our natural and human-made environment work.

Prof. Anne Broadbent writing a mathematical equation on a black board

Mathematics and Statistics

The professors in the department cover a wide range of contemporary topics in many different interconnected areas of Mathematics and Statistics. They are internationally recognized for their contributions to their respective fields and their work appears in highly regarded scientific journals.

Prof. Lora Ramuno showing data on a computer screen to a student


From original groundbreaking discoveries, to the development of new and revolutionary technologies, to the decoding of the stock market, physicists have revolutionized the way we live our lives. Our professors are an important part of this chain and many have been widely recognized as world-class researchers in their respective fields of expertise.