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Department of Biology

Welcome to the Department of Biology!

Our department comprises a vibrant group of researchers across the spectrum of biological sciences and with internationally-recognized strengths in bioinformatics, comparative physiology, ecotoxicology, macroecology and evolution.

The state-of-the-art laboratories within the Biosciences Complex offer an unparalleled experience to our undergraduate students. Easy access to natural ecosystems such as the Mer Bleue Conservation Area and Gatineau Park complements the lab environment by providing opportunities for field work. Research labs in adjacent buildings host cutting-edge analytical and microscopy facilities as well as greenhouses, an aviary, and an aquatics facility for fish, amphibians and reptiles.


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Why study Biology

With a BSc in Biology, there are several career opportunities. These include environmental consulting, regulatory work in government agencies, laboratory work in cell and molecular biology or in animal and plant physiology, education and research, and a lot more!

Recent discoveries and new technologies are revolutionizing the biological sciences, which increasingly require integrating knowledge across the full range of biological systems, from the gene to entire ecosystems.

Our programs give students both the intellectual tools and the experience they need to generate new knowledge and contribute to debates on issues as diverse as stem cell research, land management, conservation and endangered species, genetically modified organisms as well as disease management and prevention.

The program offers different learning methods: traditional classroom instruction, innovative laboratory projects using state-of-the-art technologies and a strong basic research program involving close mentoring relationships.

Sador Bereketab
Student voices

“In my program, I can take a wide array of courses from various departments including physiology, biopharmaceuticals, physics, on top of the obvious ones.”

Sador Bereketab

— Biomedical Science graduate

In addition to our undergraduate degree in Biology, we offer the interdisciplinary program in Biomedical Science and participate in other interdisciplinary undergraduate programs, including Environmental Science and Biopharmaceutical Science. At the graduate level, we offer MSc and PhD programs in Biology and share in collaborative programs in Chemical and Environmental Toxicology, Bioinformatics and Environmental Sustainability.

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At the Department of Biology of the University of Ottawa, the research activities are fully into the current contemporary biology research topics such as biodiversity, evolutionary biology, ecotoxicology, conservation and much more.

The Department is equipped with top quality facilities, some of its laboratories are among the best equipped in Canada. The biosciences complex is an example of the world class facilities that offers the tools to excel and become tomorrow's leaders in research. It houses classrooms and laboratories for teaching and research in biology and other scientific fields.

Department professors are recognized in their respective fields of research and their work is the subject of scientific publications in journals of international stature.

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