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Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics!

A word from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Ottawa, where numerical exploration meets limitless possibilities. Discover a world of mathematical wonder and statistical insights at one of Canada's leading institutions, known for its exceptional programs and distinguished faculty.

Our faculty members are at the forefront of modern research, driving innovation and breakthroughs in their respective fields. Internationally recognized experts, they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom, offering a stimulating and engaging learning environment. Our programs boast an exceptional blend of theoretical rigor and practical application, preparing you to excel in a world that increasingly depends on mathematical and statistical expertise.

As a bilingual university, we embrace and celebrate our diverse community of learners. The University of Ottawa provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a bilingual environment, where both English and French are integral to academic and social life. This linguistic richness fosters a multicultural and inclusive atmosphere, expanding your educational experience and preparing you to thrive in an interconnected world.

Beyond the classroom, our department fosters a vibrant environment that encourages collaboration and creativity. Engage in cutting-edge research projects, attend seminars on current topics, and join student organizations that bring together like-minded individuals who share your passion for numbers and logic.  These opportunities allow you to apply your skills in real-world contexts, collaborate with peers, and develop a network of professional connections.

Join us at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Ottawa and unlock your true potential. Experience the strength of our programs, engage with our remarkable faculty, and embrace the bilingual advantage that sets us apart. Together, let us embark on an intellectual journey where the power of mathematics and statistics shapes a brighter future for all.

Alistair Savage
Alistair Savage, Chair – Department of Mathematics and Statistics

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Outreach Programs to Promote Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is acutely aware of the role it plays both in the university and in the community at large.

Undergraduate programs of study

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a large number of programs in mathematics and in statistics, a joint honours program in mathematics and economics, a joint honours program in mathematics and computer science, and a multidisciplinary program in financial mathematics and economics.

The co-operative program is offered to the students in the Honours BSc with specialisation or major in mathematics or statistics, in the Joint Honours BSc in mathematics and economics, in the Joint Honours BSc in mathematics and computer science, and in the Honours BSc in financial mathematics and economics. For more information about the cooperative program, please go to the section about the Co-operative Programs in mathematics or statistics.

Graduate Studies in Mathematics and Statistics

Our graduate programs are very strong and growing. Currently, there are about 80 students enrolled in our graduates programs with roughly half in the PhD program.

Graduate studies and research in our Department greatly benefit from a close cooperation with The School of Mathematics and Statistics (Carleton University). The University of Ottawa and Carleton University have joined their graduate programs to form The Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Graduate Studies and Research in Mathematics and Statistics. This cooperation has many advantages for the students enrolled at both universities since it increases the number of available courses and seminars, and gives opportunities for social as well as academic interactions between the students of both universities.

We also greatly benefit from our department's affiliations with the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences in Toronto and the Centre de Recherche Mathématique (CRM) de l'Université de Montréal. Many workshops, conferences, and summer schools in Mathematics and Statistics take place every year at the University of Ottawa under the umbrella of these two institutions and with their financial assistance.

Statistics courses at uOttawa receive professional accreditation

Since June 1, 2007, the University of Ottawa is one of the few Canadian universities to have its undergraduate courses in statistics officially accredited by the Statistical Society of Canada (SSC) under the new Associate Statistician professional designation.

The SSC offers two levels of accreditation, the Professional Statistician (P.Stat.) and the Associate Statistician (A.Stat.). These qualifications demonstrate that the accredited parties have achieved a certain level of professional competence in the understanding and application of statistical methods and maintain a level of ethical practice.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of Ottawa offers programs in mathematics and in statistics in both official languages. Under the new SSC accreditation, students who graduate from the Specialization in Statistics program (combined with a minor from another field) will have automatically satisfied the educational requirements for the A.Stat. professional designation.

Careers in Mathematics and Statistics

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At the Department of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of Ottawa, the research activities cover a wide range of contemporary topics in many different interconnected fields, losely organized  into the six Research Themes listed below. Focused research groups within and between these Research Themes organize weekly seminars to exchange novel results and foster an inspiring atmosphere.

The Professors in the department are internationally recognized for their contributions to their respective fields and their work appears in highly regarded scientific journals.


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