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Undergraduate studies in Science

In science, you explore, you question, you discover. You open your mind. You develop a passion for pushing back the boundaries of the unknown. Come and develop this passion with us at the University of Ottawa.

Programs and suggested course sequences

Our Faculty of Science offers programs that will expand your knowledge of the environment and shape your perception of yourself as a living being. They will give you the tools for a rewarding career in natural sciences, life sciences, physical sciences, or mathematics.

You will be investing wisely in your future. In all of our programs, the training you will receive is an ideal gateway to the labour market and other professional programs.

The future in science has never been so promising or exciting… be part of it!

Dual fast-track degrees

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Get further faster with Dual fast-track degrees

Dual fast-track degrees will get you the same high-quality qualifications in less time. These prestigious and competitive paths reduce the number of overall courses you need to take. Our streamlined approach removes any overlapping course units (credits) across similar curriculums.

Dual fast-track degrees allow you to: 

  • Save one or two terms of study
  • Apply once for admission to two degrees
  • Gain a competitive edge on the job market

Based on the different disciplines, the following courses are recommended; a student who is admitted into a program without one of these recommended courses will have to complete a bridging course.

Past experience indicates that students with the most science prerequisites, including physics, biology and chemistry, have an increased rate of success.

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Absence Declaration — Evaluations

If you need to be absent for an evaluation as part of one of your courses (e.g., a test, midterm or final exam), you must complete the absence declaration form*. You do not need a supporting document the first absence in a course, whether for medical reason or exceptional circumstances. Please consult your professor for any evaluation other than a final exam. For final exams, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Studies or Graduate Studies of the Faculty of Science for next steps.
* If you have a scheduling conflict for final exams (three exams within a 48-hour period), you must submit your request for a deferred exam by email to the Office of Undergraduate Studies of the Faculty of Science for next steps.
Fill the absence declaration form