Do you love music and science? Would you like to develop your musical abilities to their full potential while doing advanced studies in the sciences? You can, thanks to a bachelor’s program offered jointly by the University of Ottawa’s faculties of Arts, Science and Engineering. Acquire in-depth knowledge and pursue rigorous training in science and music, the first of its kind in Canada!

The Integrated Bachelor of Music and Science program was created for students who would like to be able to work in either field and are interested in developing their skills in both disciplines. This five-year integrated program leads to a degree in science (BSc) and in music (BMus) and opens the door to graduate studies. To be admitted to the program, students must meet the Bachelor of Science admission criteria and be accepted into the performance profile of the Bachelor of Music program, by successfully completing an instrument or voice audition demonstrating outstanding ability.

The science majors can be in one of the following disciplines: biochemistry, biology, chemistry, geology, mathematics, physics or statistics.

Person writing music notes on a blackboard

Admission to this program is through the Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Arts