Why is our world the way it is? How can we understand and explain what we observe around us, from the smallest sub-atomic particles to the largest galaxies? How can we apply this understanding to manipulate our world? Of course studying physics (PHY) gives insight into the fundamental laws of nature.

But an education in physics gives so much more. The rigorous training our students receive in analyzing and understanding complex problems is of considerable value to many future career directions. While many of our graduates have found careers in universities and in the high-tech sector as research and development scientists, others have used their physics degrees as a springboard for careers in finance, administration, medicine, management and education. The range of career opportunities is perhaps wider than for any other scientifically trained group.

From original ground breaking discoveries, to the development of new and revolutionary technologies, to the decoding of the stock market, physicists have revolutionized the way we live our lives. Our professors and our graduates are an important part of this chain. Many of our professors have also been recognized as superb teachers and have been widely recognized as world-class researchers in their respective fields of expertise.

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