The Faculty of Science of the University of Ottawa offers 16 Undergraduate Research Scholarships of $11,500 each.

2023-2024 Undergraduate Research Scholarships recipients
2023-2024 Undergraduate Research Scholarships recipients

Unique to the Faculty of Science

The Undergraduate Research Scholarship gives students the opportunity to live a very unique experience. The recipients work with scientists and take part in important scientific discoveries before they even start their studies.

This award gives students the opportunity to work with one of the University of Ottawa's world-class research groups. They earn $5,000 as a research assistant to one of the professors during the summer (July and August) before their first year of studies. They can also expand their research experience and contribution the following summer (May, June, July and August) if they do well in their first year of studies. They will earn $6,500 for the second summer employment.

Various research domains

Assistantships are available in various areas of medicine and science: biochemistry, biology, biomedical science, biopharmaceutical science, biotechnology, chemistry, environmental geoscience, environmental science, geology, immunology, mathematics and statistics, microbiology, neurology, pharmacology, physics, physiology, virology.

Am I eligible?

Every year, sixteen (16) scholarships are awarded to exceptional students from across the country. To qualify, candidates must be Canadian citizen or permanent resident, have an admission average of at least 92 per cent, be registered full-time, for the first time, in an undergraduate program of the Faculty of Science, and most importantly, demonstrate research skills and involvement in extracurricular activities of a scientific nature.

Alicia Sit

Mentorship, representation and more

Fourth-year PhD student Alicia Sit is part of Professor Ebrahim Karimi’s structured quantum optics group at uOttawa, creating a quantum communication network across the city of Ottawa, among other projects. She was first exposed to a career in research in 2012, right after high school, thanks to the Faculty of Science’s Undergraduate Research Scholarship. And she’s never looked back.
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