The Biochemistry program is a highly interdisciplinary program combining chemistry and biology that trains students to understand the molecular basis of life. Students learn about how biologically important molecules like proteins, DNA, RNA, and drugs interact at a molecular level and how these interactions impact healthy and diseased cells.

The biochemistry program provides advanced training in all areas of biochemistry and has specialized options in biotechnology, microbiology and immunology, as well as emerging areas in biochemistry such as chemical biology and synthetic biology. In addition to classroom teaching, the biochemistry program has a significant laboratory component giving students individual, cutting-edge training in practical biochemistry.

Our graduates are highly sought after and many find employment directly after graduation in wide ranging fields from food industry to diagnostic medicine and the green economy.  The program is also ideal training for those interested in graduate studies such as MSc or PhD and those interested in health professional school training like medical school.

Students working under fumehood in a lab

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Léa Montminy-Bergeron
Student voices

“As the chemistry of life, Biochemistry is for any student interested in a career in research, graduate studies or in many areas such as the health sector.”

Léa Montminy-Bergeron

— Biochemistry student