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Graduate Studies in Mathematics and Statistics

Our students experience a rich academic environment to study mathematics and statistics under the supervision of professors, who have gained an international reputation for their research.

Conduct leading-edge research

Students can study our MSc and PhD in Mathematics or Statistics options or choose to pursue specializations in an MSc in Bioinformatics or Biostatistics. The main areas of study include:

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Pure Mathematics
  • Probability and Statistics

The program is strengthened by an affiliation with three of Canada’s most prestigious mathematics research institutes: le Centre de recherches Mathématiques de l’Université de Montréal, the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences and the Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute.

Benefit from a joint graduate institute

The Department offers MSc and PhD programs through the Ottawa-Carleton Institute of Mathematics and Statistics. As a joint graduate institute, between uOttawa and Carlton University, students can choose from advanced courses offered by the two departments.

Highly qualified students can benefit from competitive financial support packages and teaching assistantships.

Research Themes

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