Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Earth Materials and Geodynamics

Hattori, Keiko


Adjunct Professor

Crowley, John (NRCan)

De Kemp, Eric (NRCan)

Hedenquist, Jeffrey (independent consultant)

Lussier, Aaron (CMN)

Perry, Claire (NRCan)

Environmental Geosciences

Emeritus Professor


Adjunct Professor 

Fisher, David

Francisco, Barbara (AEL AMS Lab)

Godfrey-Smith, Dorothy (DRDC)

Goulet, Richard (NRCan)

Herod, Matthew (Nuclear Waste Management Organization)

Cross Appointed

Blais, Jules (Department of Biology)

Sedimentary Systems

Emeritus Professor

Veizer, Jan


Adjunct Professor

Desrochers, André

Professor is seen from the back while writing on a board

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