Simone Dumas
Simone Dumas
Assistant Professor

BSc, University of Ottawa (1995)
MSc, Université Laval (1999)
PhD, University of Ottawa (2004)

MRN 116
(613) 562-5800 ext. 6230

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences


As a teaching professor, Dr. Dumas' primary interest is to help students become autonomous, lifelong learners.  Of particular interest to her is the use of self-assessment tools to foster the development of self-regulated learners. In addition, the design of teaching material (e.g.; glossaries, image banks), as well as outreach and education programs for the general public and prospective students (e.g.: development of pedagogical kits for primary schools) also count amongst her pedagogical interests.

Selected publications (pedagogy)

  • Dumas, S. Exploration préliminaire des utilités de l’outil d’auto-évaluation des connaissances: projet-pilote dans un cours d'introduction aux systèmes terrestres. Symposium Perspectives du SAEA – Enseignement, Université d’Ottawa, mai 2016.
  • Dumas, S., Glossaire bilingue (anglais/français), en ligne, de termes géologiques de base. Colloque no. 605 – Enseignement des sciences dans divers espaces francophones (Table ronde sur les conditions d'une science en français demain), Congrès de l'ACFAS, Ottawa, mai 2009.

Selected publications (sedimentology)

  • Cummings, D.I., Dumas, S., Dalrymple, R.W. Fine-grained versus coarse-grained wave ripples generated experimentally under large-scale oscillatory flow. Journal of Sedimentary Research, v.79, 83-93, 2009.
  • Dumas, S., Arnott, R.W.C.. Origin of hummocky and swaley cross-stratification - The controlling influence of unidirectional current strength and aggradation rate. Geology, v. 34, p.1073-1076., 2006.
  • Dumas, S., Arnott, R.W.C., Southard, J.B. Experiments on oscillatory-flow and combined-flow bed forms: implications for interpreting parts of the shallow-marine sedimentary record. Journal of Sedimentary Research, v. 75, p.501-513., 2005.

Research interests

  • Pedagogy
  • Outreach
  • Science education
  • Geology of the Ottawa-Gatineau area
  • Clastic sedimentology