Keiko Hattori
Keiko Hattori
Distinguished University Professor
Full Professor

BSc (1972)
MSc (1974)
PhD (1977), Tokyo

ARC 421
(613) 562-5800 ext. 6866

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences


Dr. Hattori examines the transfer of elements, particularly volatiles and metals, from subducted slabs to arc magmas via mantle wedges, and from arc magmas to hydrothermal mineral deposits. She and her students also study the mobility of metals in the mantle and surface environment.

Selected publications

  • DeHoog, J.C.M., Clarke, E.R., Hattori, K., 2023. Mantle wedge minerals modify slab-derived fluids: implications for fluid transport from slab to arc magma. Geology.  v. 51, no. 7.
  • Page, L., Hattori, K. & Guillot, S., 2018. Mantle wedge serpentinites: a transient reservoir of halogens, boron and nitrogen for the deeper mantle. Geology, vol. 46, p. 883-886.
  • Adlakha, E., Hattori, K., 2022. Thermotectonic events recorded by U-Pb geochronology and Zr-in-rutile thermometry on Ti-oxides in basement rocks along the P2 fault, eastern Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan, Canada. Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 133. P. 567-576.
  • Viala, M., Hattori, K., 2021. Magmatism and related Au-Cu mineralization in the Hualgayoc district, Peru. Society of Economic Geologists Spec. Pub. 24, p. 137-158.  https://doi:10.5382/SP.24.09; 22 p
  • Shamanian, G.H., Hattori, K., 2021. Neoproterozoic evolution of northern Gondwana recorded in detrital zircon grains in the Gheshlagh deposit, Alborz Mountains. Gondwana Research. v. 93: 184-196. https://doi:org/10.1016/

Research interests

  • Subduction zone
  • Isotopes-stable and radiogenic
  • Mineral deposits
  • Magmatism related mineral deposits