Ian D. Clark
Ian D. Clark
Emeritus Professor

BSc (1978)
MSc University of Waterloo (1980)
DenSc Paris-Orsay (1987)

ARC 422
(613) 562-5800 ext. 6834

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences


Dr. Clark's research involves groundwater geochemistry and environmental isotopes in hydro geological settings ranging from the Arctic to temperate and arid regions. Areas of research focus on groundwater contamination, groundwater resources, and climate studies. Current research programs include permafrost hydrogeology and paleoclimatology in the Arctic, groundwater contamination in agricultural regions, and methanogenesis in natural and contaminated waters.

Selected publications

  • Clark, I.D., M. Douglas, K. Raven, and D.J. Bottomley. Recharge and preservation of glacial meltwater in the Canadian Shield. Ground Water, 38: 735-742., 2000
  • Clark, I.D. and R.J. Phillips. Geochemical and 3He/4He evidence for mantle and crustal contributions to geothermal fluids in the western Canadian continental margin. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 104: 261-276, 2000
  • Clark, I.D., B. Lauriol, M. Marschner, N. Sabourin, Y. Chauret, and A. Desrochers. Endostromatolites from permafrost karst, Yukon, Canada: paleoclimatic proxies for the Holocene hypsithermal. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences. 41: 387-399., 2004
  • Renaud, R., I.D. Clark, T.G. Kotzer, G.M. Milton, and D.J. Bottomley. The mobility of anthropogenic 129I in a shallow sand aquifer at Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, Canada. Radiochimica Acta, 93: 363-371., 2005
  • Mohammadzadeh, H., I.D. Clark, M. Marschner, G. St-Jean. Compound Specific Isotopic Analysis (CSIA) of Landfill Leachate DOC Components. Chemical Geology 218: 3-13., 2005

Research interests

  • Underground water
  • Environmental isotopes
  • Arctic
  • Paleoclimate
  • Methane
  • Hydrogeology of contaminants