Benjamin Sussman
Benjamin Sussman
Adjunct Professor

(613) 991-6888

Department of Physics


Professor Sussman’s research investigates the quantum nature of light and matter.  The unusual properties of quantum systems are used to develop new sensors, communications protocols, and computers not possible with classical systems.  Prof Sussman’s research focuses on ultrafast quantum control to measure and process in quantum system, including nonlinear and quantum optical light-matter interactions.

Professor Sussman leads the Quantum Photonics program and the Ultrafast Quantum Photonics team at the National Research council.

Research interests

  • Quantum Control
  • Quantum information
  • Photonics
  • Dynamic Stark Control
  • Coherent Raman processes
  • Quantum encryption
  • Molecular alignment
  • Coherent phonons
  • Nonlinear optics