Collabzium “Always Be Closing” Grant

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To support the research relaunch, the Office of the Vice-Dean, Research is happy to offer small, targeted grants to support faculty members in the final stages of their publication efforts.
  • Individual funding requests cannot exceed $10,000.
  • Up to six applications will be funded.
  • The duration of the grants is 12 months.

The Vice-Dean, Research confirms the grants based on the available budget.

  • To support the publication of high-quality academic manuscripts written or edited by faculty members from the Faculty of Social Sciences.
  • To defray the costs associated with the production of the manuscript (editing of the manuscript; formatting of proofs; printing; reproduction of graphics or images; translation; indexing; open access publication).
  1. The funds will help offset the production costs of the manuscript (copy editing; typesetting; layout of proofs; printing; binding, reproducing graphics or images).
  2. The funds will help offset the translation costs of the manuscript.
  3. The funds will help offset the costs of indexing.
  4. The funds will help offset the costs of publishing in Open Access.
  • The applicant holds a full-time tenured or a tenure-track position at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ottawa.
  • The applicant is the author or editor of the manuscript.
  • The planned services must be performed between October 1 2023 and March 31 2024.
  • The applicant is in good standing with respect to their prior financial management of research funds with the Office of the Vice-Dean, Research.

October 15

  • 250 words, jargon-free description of the project and its relation to the applicant.
  • Description of target journal, press, and stage of production. Priority will be given to projects nearest to completion.
  • Justification of the required budget.

Proposal Submission One PDF document including all elements of the proposal sent by e-mail to Sophie LeTouzé. Incomplete and late applications will not be retained. Please reach out to Mark Salter or Sophie LeTouzé for any questions, comments, or concerns.