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By Prattiga

Student, Political Science

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“My internship primarily focused on research in education in Palestine.”

Prattiga, Political Science, Alternatives, Palestine, Teachers Creativity Centre

In my last Blog post, I compared my position in the world as a university student in Canada to those living in Palestine. I spoke of major events, restrictions, and military violence but I did not speak on how these structural challenges actually impacts people on the ground - nor did I speak on their resilience.

My internship primarily focused on research in education in Palestine. This in-depth study has truly opened my eyes to how destabilization impacts individuals and communities. Checkpoints and other restrictions make it difficult for students to travel and attend school. Many teachers are paid very little and struggle to make ends meet. Nonetheless, communities come together to create organizations that address such challenges. In my research, I found local organizations that emphasised the need to study psychology and understand trauma in order to educate youth effectively. Other organizations that placed a high value on youth empowerment and challenged the top-down structure that educational institutions typically have. I also came across many organizations that emphasized the need to challenge gender oppression early on through education. In a country that is struggling to provide access to education, I was amazed to find so many dedicated local organizations that are filling this gap with goals of providing and improving education. I am incredibly thankful for this experience that allowed me to better understand a part of the world that is so different from my own.

As my internship is coming to an end, I am reflecting on the new relationships I have formed and the work that I have contributed to. My host organization, Teacher Creativity Centre, does fantastic progressive work in the field of education. I am grateful to have contributed to their work in a small way.