Environmental Economics and Public Policy

Gain a multidisciplinary understanding of the environment and the economy, and the interaction between them.

Environmental issues fill the headlines — climate change, pollution, species loss, to name but a few. In this program, you will study important questions such as how it might be possible to grow the economy while protecting the environment at the same time. You will reflect and exchange on the complexities of our current model of economic development and evaluate how sustainable it is.

Why choose the Department of Economics

The Department’s specialty is to educate you to move beyond ready-made ideas. We help you build academic and professional credibility by teaching you solid statistical and analytical skills. You will be prepared to work in environment-economy policy development and analysis in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Part of your learning experience

In your fourth year, you have the opportunity to carry out a directed research project in the field.

Province Prerequisites Admission averages

English or Français 4U

Advanced Functions 4U

Calculus and Vectors 4U (strongly recommended)

Note: Students who do not have Calculus 4U may take the equivalent course, MAT 1339, at uOttawa. This course is a prerequisite for MAT 1300.

mid 70s
Quebec / CEGEP

English (603) or Français (601)

Mathematics (201) Calculus I

Note: Students who do not have Calculus I will need to take the equivalent course, MAT 1339 at uOttawa.

mid 60s
Quebec / Secondary V

English or Français

Technical and Scientific option or Natural Sciences option (Secondary V)

Note: A make-up course in Functions and/or Calculus and Vectors at uOttawa is a prerequisite to MAT 1000 level courses.

82-85 %

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4 years120 units
Drawing of a small town (houses, buildings, trees, cars) 

Honours in Environmental Economics and Public Policy

Change in a jar with a plant

Microprogram in Environmental Economics and Public Policy

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Teagan Gran-Ruaz
Student Voices

“This program provided me with the opportunity to understand how society can tackle the current climate crisis through sustainable and substantive change.”

Teagan Gran-Ruaz

— Graduate

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