A microprogram offers 9 to 18 course units that allows students to acquire knowledge and develop skills related to specific social science issues.

What is an undergraduate microprogram?

A microprogram is open to all those (students enrolled in a program at the University of Ottawa, high school graduates who have had their diploma for at least two years, college graduates, experienced volunteers, practitioners and public servants) who wish to improve their knowledge in a particular field. To facilitate access to the program, some courses are offered in the late afternoon or evening.

Microprograms offer you:

  • The flexibility to complete a shorter course adapted to professionals already working in the field, while maintaining the same university experience.
  • Privileged access to several networks of experts in your field.
  • Units that can be recognized in bachelor's programs, giving you a head start.
  • The addition of the microprogram will appear on the student's official transcript, but will not appear on the diploma.


  • Students already admitted to a University of Ottawa program may add the microprogram to their program of study through the online tool. It will contribute to the degree requirements at the elective course level.
  • Individuals interested in the microprogram who are not previously admitted to a University of Ottawa program must apply for registration as a non-degree student (special student).

Microprograms offered at the Faculty