Study the fundamentals of psychology

Psychology is the science specializing in the understanding of human behaviour and mental processes. The BA program  studies the fundamentals of psychology, with a particular focus on how we learn, communicate and interact with one another. It gives you the opportunity to take part in academic research projects that provide you with privileged insight into the many facets of the discipline, also preparing you for graduate studies in experimental psychology, clinical psychology, health sciences, education or administration.

Why choose the School of Psychology

The School serves as a national and international reference point in psychology. It is characterized by its openness to other disciplines, its strategic directions to meet future needs in the field, and its commitment to bilingualism. The School encourages interdisciplinary collaboration which creates numerous opportunities for you to work with colleagues and professors from other faculties such as Science, Medicine, Health Sciences and Arts.

Part of your learning experience

Along with researchers and professors, you will be able to experience community-focused projects that have real-world applications in everyday life.

Program prerequisites and minimum admission average 

Choose your program

4 years120 units
Abstract drawing of faces  

Honours B.A. in Psychology

4 years120 units
Abstract drawing of faces forming a whirlwind 

Joint Honours B.A. in Psychology and Linguistics

students studying outside of FSS

Minor in Psychology

Safae Maslouhi
Student Voices

“Psychology has allowed me to understand, among other things, interpersonal relationships and family dynamics as well as to question the place of mental health in our society.”

Safae Maslouhi

— Graduate

Maria Rogers, professor

“Research in child psychopathology allows me to explore what happens inside the minds of the beautiful and mysterious creatures we call children.”

Maria Rogers

— Professor

What to expect

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