Reflets is a journal that disseminates interdisciplinary knowledge related to social and community intervention with individuals, groups and communities, mostly but not exclusively in minority francophone settings.

Team, Executive Committee

  • Francine Boudreau, Laurentian University
  • Isabelle Côté, Laurentian University (co-director)
  • Patrick Ladouceur, University of Ottawa
  • Simon Lapierre, University of Ottawa (director)
  • Jacynthe Mayer, University of Ottawa
  • Danielle Pelland, University of Montreal (co-ordonnator)
  • Marie-Pier Rivest, University of Moncton (co-director)
  • Frantz Simeon, Laurentian University
  • Nérée St-Amand, University of Ottawa

The Editorial Board is responsible for journal planning and funding, including theme selection, article solicitation, layout and publication. Over the years, members of the committee have also served as issue editors, but, generally, they invite researchers whose work is related to the issue’s theme to assume this role. To facilitate the work of these editors, a committee member participates as well in the editing of each issue.

Past and present members of the journal’s Executive Committee:

  • Lorraine Albert (Ottawa)
  • Jean-Marc Bélanger (Sudbury)
  • Richard Carrière (Sudbury)
  • Madeleine Dubois (Ottawa)
  • Michèle Frenette (Ottawa)
  • Hélène Gagné (Toronto)
  • Marie-Luce Garceau (Sudbury)
  • Michèle Kérisit (Ottawa) 
  • Suzanne Lacelle (Sudbury)
  • Joscelyne Levesque (Ottawa) 
  • Dominique Mercure (Sudbury)
  • Gertrude Mianda (Toronto) 
  • Lilian Negura (Ottawa) 
  • Stéphane Richard (Sudbury) 
  • Chris Sassa (Toronto) 
  • Céline Simard (Sturgeon Falls) 
  • Jeannine Turpin (Ottawa)