Where are the microwave ovens on campus?

Posted on Thursday, November 18, 2021


All you want is to heat up your food or warm up your coffee. But where on campus do you find a microwave when you need it most? Check out the Gazette's unofficial list below. If you know any other microwaves hiding in plain sight, drop us a line at gazette@uottawa.ca and we'll update the list!

Building Location Number of microwaves
Colonel By Across from ESS-AÉG (basement) 1
Desmarais Student lounge, Room 2101 1
Desmarais  Telfer student lounge, Room 2105 1
D'Iorio Second-floor lounge 1
Fauteux Near Room 302 5
Gendron Second-floor lounge 1
Lamoureux Go Café/Café écolo, Room 130 5
Lees  Near the main doors 1
Marion Dining area (basement) 4
Pérez Student lounge, Room 120 (music students only) 1
RGN Student lounge 3
Simard Alt Café (basement) 2
SITE Second floor, across from Food Court entrance 2
Social Sciences (FSS) Ground floor, past the elevators (near Room 1030) 3
Social Sciences (FSS) Small lounge, between Rooms 5035 and 5039 1
Tabaret Basement lounge (employees only) 3
UCU Student lounge, Room 102 1
UCU Student lounge, Room 301B 1
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