The 3-Minute Thesis Experience at uOttawa

Posted on Monday, July 15, 2019

Stephanie Marianne Woodworth

Stephanie Marianne Woodworth

The 3MT competition can be tremendously enriching and is the perfect opportunity to develop your academic and personal communication skills.

This year Stephanie Marianne Woodworth, a doctoral student in geography, environment and geomatics competed and won uOttawa's 3MT competition and went on to represent our establishment at the Ontario Three Minute Thesis competition at McMaster University.

Her thesis focused on the study of water in kinesiology and how water shapes our world in many ways.

Stephanie realized through her work how water was missing in this field but was also inspired by the water walks, an Anishinabe ceremony that nourishes sacred relationships between people and water. Through her work, she managed to contribute in the creation of an archive and story map of the Mother Earth Water Walks.

"Identities, geographies, histories, societies, cultures, economics, and politics have been, and continue to be, shaped by water. I critically reflect on my settler colonial history and complicity in relation to water issues impacting First Nations. I critiqued kinesiology’s research, teaching, and practices to establish, where’s the water in kinesiology?"
— Stephanie Marianne Woodworth


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