50 years of memories: Kick off Alumni Homecoming at Father and Sons

Posted on Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Two students eating breakfast at Father and Sons restaurant.

For more than 50 years, Father and Sons has been a go-to for breakfast between classes, nachos after a big game, and a destination to make new memories or catch up with old friends. As our campus evolves, FNS remains an unvarying (and legendary) staple. For many of us, it feels like home—so where better to kick off Homecoming?

Reserve your spot for $5 breakfast at FNS on October 4. 

Part of what makes FNS a popular destination is its owner’s commitment to the uOttawa community. In addition to having established an athletic scholarship, the Saab Family supports numerous teams, clubs and campus associations — all while providing Gee-Gees athletes with complimentary meals before home games. To recognize these contributions, Sam Saab was named Honorary Member of the Alumni Association in 2016.

We asked our community to share their favourite FNS memories. Any of them sound familiar?

"Karaoke Wednesdays getting us through the cold winters." — Christopher Flores-Lyons, 2019 alumnus

"I have many fond memories of F&S. This is where my husband and I had our first dates (we have been married 11 years)." — Alana Magsombol, 2000 and 2003 alumna

"When the Canadian hockey team beat the US in the Olympic final in 2010." — Kristen Feghali 2010 alumna

"Favourite memory was going there for the first time in first year right after Panda Game with all of my friends. We lost the game (should've won) but it really was the "welcome to Ottawa" moment for me. Been going there for breakfast at least once a week ever since!" — Suga-Thai T., third-year student

"Early morning team breakfasts before road trips..."Mikey Specials" for everyone. Aaaaand maybe a second "Mikey Special" for some of us LOL!" — Brock Flemming, 2003 athlete

"Ate there so much that I even knew the chef!" — Tanveer Rashid, 2012 alumnus

"I had many breakfasts there. They were proud supporters of the Gee Gees. They used to feed us on game days. A real Ottawa U tradition." — Matthew Sheppard, 1996 athlete

"Legendary! Still feels like home. So many valuable experiences and life long relationships made." — Paul Dillon, 1999 alumnus

"It was always our go-to breakfast spot on the weekends or during exam time :)" — Caroline Obee (Seessle) 2007 alumna

"Best memory was watching the semifinal game at Nagano between Canada and the Czechs until 4 am." — Ben Markatti, 1992 alumnus

"Friday night pitchers & live music. Early 90s. The Best." — Ken Gauthier, community member

"Karaoke Wednesdays and the gracious presence of the Saab brothers were my favourite moments." — Jad Seaidoun, 2015 alumnus

"Getting Mike to take grad pics with us." — katrmnds, alumna

"The real one, the only one who didn't let us down." — marialydbs, alumna

A long-standing tradition…

"Good Lord, for me that goes back a long way. I graduated in 1969!" — Dr. Mo Rajabally, 1969 alumnus

…that’s here to stay.

"Excited to start traditions here :)" — Danielle Knöpfel, future student


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