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Posted on Wednesday, October 7, 2020

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October 10 is World Mental Health Day, an important date any year but even more so now that our lives have been considerably changed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Professors and employees play an important leadership role in creating a culture of wellness at uOttawa. To empower our University mental health leaders, we have compiled the following list of resources and training to improve mental health literacy and provide guidance on responding to students in distress.

Download our guide to helping yourself or someone in distress (PDF)

The guide to helping yourself or someone in distress, available in several languages, will help you recognize unusual behaviours, respond to them with concern and empathy, and refer students to available resources.

Get some training

Training on mental health awareness and intervention will help you learn to identify and respond to those experiencing distress. Here are a few training recommendations, free for uOttawa professors or employees:

  • More Feet on the Ground: a mental health online education program that helps you learn how to recognize, respond to and refer students experiencing mental health concerns in Ontario universities. It takes just 90 minutes to complete this training and receive a certificate.
  • Mental Health First Aid: a uOttawa employee training program to help you better recognize the symptoms of mental health problems and increase your confidence in guiding others towards appropriate resources for care.

Get to know the resources available on and off campus

The new virtual Wellness Hub contains a wealth of resources and support for both students and staff.

Did you know?

Resources for professors and employees

Your own mental health is also a priority.

During these challenging times, all employee groups have access to short-term counselling through our Employee and Family Assistance Program.

The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) is a confidential and voluntary support service that can help you find solutions to all kinds of challenges related to work, your health or life in general.

Do you have an idea to improve mental health on campus?

Leave a comment for the President’s Advisory Committee on Mental Health and Wellness.

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