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Posted on Tuesday, October 28, 2014

By Brandon Gillet

New to campus and looking to make friends? Nervous about meeting new people? Don’t worry…there’s an app for that!

Campusgrids is the newest campus app for students. It helps you connect with other students with photos and who have similar interests, allows messaging, offers an event calendar and has information on clubs and communities.

Just enter your basic information along with your classes and interests and Campusgrids instantly connects you to students on campus who match your criteria.

“The Campusgrids app focuses on capturing and enhancing the social aspect of student life by creating a simple platform for students to connect with each other,” says one of Campusgrids co-founders, Eli Fares.

You can even search for friends or club connections on other campuses quickly and easily. According to Fares, students are excited about the app and are surprised a service like it exists.

"So useful,” says Roy Younes from uOttawa. “Finally, I can find out more about school clubs without having to go on Facebook. Great app!"

Some other new apps, like Blinkist for Android, have been gaining ground recently. If you love books but simply can’t find the time to sneak in a few chapters between studying and lectures, Blinkist is perfect for you. It’s a subscription service for abridged versions of books that can be read in 15 minutes.

Or if you’re a photo lover using iOS, there’s MyRoll, which automatically organizes your photos as life moments based on the app’s analysis of each photo.

Looking for an answer to something and don’t have the time to sift through thousands of Google results? Well now Android users don't have to thanks to Ooloo. This app allows you to ask a question using your voice, and the answer is provided by one of Ooloo’s many staff members, available 24/7.

With countless apps being created daily, it’s hard to find the ones that are truly useful. New apps are available in so many categories.

Another app is the new WeTransfer for Android. WeTransfer allows you to send large files right from your mobile and can even send files in groups so you can send photos to friends en masse.

If there are just too many things for you to keep track of, you could use the new Hours app for iOS. This app is designed for people who need to manage multiple timelines in their day-to-day life. Its target audience is project managers, but even if you’re not one, there’s still nothing wrong with being prepared like you were!

Another useful little app is Last Message, which sends a text to a predetermined list of contacts, or even those in your Facebook and Twitter accounts, just before your phone dies.

But if the world of social media and productivity apps is simply too much for you, don’t worry! It doesn’t look like Facebook and Twitter are going anywhere soon.

“To be honest, I don't really use too many apps,” says uOttawa student Justin Humphries. “But Google Maps is a great one, and I use it every day.”

Did we miss any cool new apps? Tell us about your favourite apps in the comments section below!

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