The Dining Hall, what a change!

Posted on Monday, September 21, 2015

Students at the counter of the new dining room

By Myriam Hugron

The new 24/7 Dining Hall opened its doors early on the morning of Saturday, September 5, 2015. We had to wait a good 45 minutes to see our first customers walk in, but when they did arrive, our first three diners were pretty eager:  they had set their alarm clocks just to be the first to enjoy breakfast before going back to bed. We wish we could show you a picture of these first three guests, but their bed hair made them camera shy!

We have now been open for over two weeks and so far, the community’s response has been excellent. We apologize for the line-ups, but we simply cannot seat the whole campus at once! We continue to set new records, serving upwards of 5,800 students a day. For our first-year students, the Dining Hall seems amazing, but for our returning guests, the transformation is truly mind-blowing. If you haven’t had a chance to see the new space yet, check out our before and after videos to see the transformation.

The Dining Hall’s overwhelming success has also had some repercussions off campus. If the City of Ottawa is running low on chocolate milk, it’s because of uOttawa! One thousand litres a day has not been enough to satisfy our students’ love of chocolate milk. Our supplier is busy milking brown cows as we speak; we should see truck-loads arriving soon. We are also going through 500 bananas a day and 1,600 kilos of chicken at every lunch!

Food Services will continue to make adjustments in the coming weeks to better serve our customers, for example by adding more efficient juice and ice machines, and water towers. We thank our guests for their patience as we improve our operations and facility.

Interesting facts

  • In one academic year, we could literally fill the Montpetit pool with all the chocolate milk we serve here; we could, but we won’t.
  • uOttawa students eat more bananas than monkeys do. Actually, most monkeys don’t eat bananas at all.
  • What weighs roughly 1,600 kilos? A giraffe, a walrus, or a black rhinoceros.
  • Chocolate milk doesn't come from brown cows… that was a joke!
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