EvaluAction offers tangible advantages to students

Posted on Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fleury Falco

Fleury Falo

By Johanne Adam

Right now, students are voicing their opinions on how well their professors teach, and what they think of their course content, by filling out EvaluAction questionnaires.

As each uOttawa session draws to a close, students are asked to give their opinions of not only the quality of their course, but also on their professor’s abilities to teach it, by filling out a questionnaire and comment sheet that is distributed at the beginning of class.

Teachers use these evaluations to better understand how to reach students and improve their teaching or course delivery methods. Since 1977, the evaluations have been bridging the gap between the student and teacher experiences, helping professors develop the best methods to reach their students.

For Faculty of Arts student Fleury Falo, course evaluations are useful because professors take into account what students have to say.

“I have personally witnessed some adaptations in the way professors design courses. That’s why I think that my role, and that of my peers, is important to help professors understand what works best for us,” said Falo.

Fleury Falo has been able to assess the course evaluation results through uoZone, which can be useful in selecting courses.

“From the reviews conducted by other students, I get a better sense of the quality of the courses I can choose from and the effectiveness of the professors.”

Have you heard about course evaluations from your professors? Professors often inform their students that they have changed a course based on the feedback they have received from previous groups.

“I had a conversion with one of my professors, who told me that he really appreciates the fact that students share their input about the development of the course because it helps him improve the design of his future courses to better fit our needs.”

Falo is also pleased with the idea that in future, uOttawa may switch to an online system for course evaluations.

“It is an awesome idea! It will be faster, more convenient and above all, the confidentiality of students will be preserved when they share their valuable input. Also, it will be a great way to save trees!”

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